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What makes our TC Cryo unique?
Because our device can shift within seconds between 6 ° Celcius and 41 ° this treatment shows the best results! We can also cover the biggest homogeneous surface in one go, and the TC Cryo doesn't require supervision during treatment, thus freeing up your time for other activities!
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Proven results
Depending on the chosen bodypart you can realize a size reduction between 3 and 10 centimeters. Combined with a healthy diet and some exercise these results can be improved significantly! Thousands of customers have been treated with our TC Cryo and almost all are satisfied with their results!
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Longlasting results
The TC Cryo treatment converts white fat into brown fat that your body will use as energy. The hormones responsible for activating this use will also slow down the production of new white fat. So fat stays away longer!
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More applications
The swift temperature changes of the TC Cryo are also proven to be very effective for recovery purposes. The rapid exchange therapy shows beautiful results with cellulite, lymphedema, lipedema and muscle recovery!
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Dutch built, Dutch service
The TC Cryo is built inhouse at our company in The Netherlands, Europe, and we provide great service with that! The TC Cryo very rarely shows any defects, but if it does, you are guaranteed to be up and running again within 2 bussiness days!