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TC Clinics Platform


TC Clinics is a marketing platform used in the Netherlands where we bundle the power of all participating salons. This way we can deploy a nationwide marketing campagne where customers can find their nearest location and easily book their appointment online. Customers find us through campains on television, social media and other channels. If needed we can also provide salons with personalised printing and other footage.
If you would like to use this concept in another country, please contact us for possibilities.
As a salon you are always looking for ways to expand your clientele, but you might be short on time or options. We can help you with that! Through our active Facebook campains we find people that would like to know more about this therapy, and provide them information through mails and calls. And if they are interested in booking a session, we can ad them directly to your planner!
Would you like to know more? Contact us!
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What makes

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